The Wonderful Woodwind Program is a program that embraces the Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute. Students who participate in this program can expect a highly personalized and fun approach to learning their instrument that will offer a solid musical grounding that covers the fundamentals of music notation, technique and relevant theory. The program also offers a variety of exciting components that will see a typical student play individually, in small group (ensemble) and large ensemble. When a student commences lessons it is assumed that they have little or no instrumental experience and the basic fundamentals are covered thoroughly with the use of their first book from the ‘Fever’ series. This series of books takes a modern and interactive approach to learning music by allowing the different woodwind and brass instruments to collaborate together at any time despite the instruments all being in different keys (i.e.: the note ‘C’ has a different pitch sound on the different instruments). The play-a-long music has been specifically stylized to cover a wide range of modern and popular genres of music that aim to stimulate a student’s interest. The video demonstrations cover every song and offer a comprehensive overview of fingerings, technique and practise tips to ensure that every student enjoys success in their own time.