Kool Keyboard has been a highly popular course for primary students since 1987. It puts a focus on the fun elements of music and captures the student’s imagination by using the many features of the modern keyboard. With technology becoming more and more sophisticated the keyboards offer an exciting range of tones, rhythms, recording functions and external memory options that are used to educate students in a captivating and motivational way. The books ‘Kool Keyboard 1 & 2’ start from the very beginnings of music learning and thoroughly cover the basics to give students a solid basis of note reading, timing and relevant theory. As students progress through their book they are shown the more elaborate functions of the keyboard and may start to move in more specific directions of interest to them. The video demonstrations cover every song and offer a thorough overview of fingerings, technique and practice tips to ensure that every student enjoys success on the keyboard. Video tutorials of popular material to 'jam' along with is also a great feature in this program. The Kool Keyboard program offers a comprehensive foundation of music studies for all students and it acts as a great basis to progress to high standards on keyboard, piano or any other instrument that may interest them down the track.