The Grouse Guitar Program offers students an opportunity to learn either acoustic or electric guitar in a fun atmosphere that promotes independence and popular genre learning. Students who commence guitar with this program will experience a mixture of solo and group learning. It is assumed that students have no prior instrumental learning experience and as such their first book, ‘Guitar Fever 1’ offers a solid musical grounding that covers the fundamentals of music notation, technique and relevant theory. Students can expect a great variety of catchy songs that stylistically work through a number of modern styles and are both captivating and exciting to play. Students wishing to further drive their motivation by playing popular and well known songs may also do this in conjunction with their book material. Success occurs when a healthy balance of foundational learning is blended with fun riffs, songs and phrases that students love to play. The video demonstrations cover every song in the book and offer a comprehensive overview of fingerings, technique and practice tips to ensure that every student enjoys success on the guitar.